[1:01AM.2022-01-05] This dream occured a couple days ago, most likely over the weekend, 1st or 2nd. I remember being in a sort of movie theatre type place, although I don't think it was for an actual movie, all I remember is being in an audience. The seating was strange, leaning very far back, almost as if you were meant to view the ceiling. Every seat was filled and I was seated right in the centre of the room. Next to me was my mother who may have been on her phone. What I for sure remember was she was being obnoxious and made me feel uncomfortable as I felt like her behavior was bothering people around us. I didn't say anything; I just felt tense, uncomfortable, and bothered. This is something I thought about a couple days later, I think I extremely rarely (if at all) ever speak in my dreams. It seems to be largly just internal thoughts and observations, which mirrors my typical behavior in and around unfamiliar places and people.