Character Overview

Character Explanation
Laharl the son of King Krichevskoy, who plans on becoming overlord after his father's death. He is incredibly arrogant, and he always tries to prove that he is the strongest demon in the Netherworld.
Etna the leader of the Prinny squad, and one of the few vassals who remain in the Overlord's Castle after King Krichevskoy's death. She serves Laharl, though in a very sarcastic and insincere manner. However, she slowly changes her attitude after Laharl spares her in spite of her betrayal, and becomes more loyal to him
Flonne an Angel Trainee sent on a mission to assassinate Overlord Krichevskoy. After learning that her target is already deceased, she becomes determined to follow Laharl and determine if demons truly are incapable of love. She is very innocent and naive, though she is deeply devoted to Lamington and the concept of spreading love to others.
Captain Gordon the 37th "Defender of Earth", sent to the Netherworld to stop a potential invasion. Gordon has a great sense of justice, but is dim-witted. He is also blind to the true intentions of others, and never realizes when he's being tricked until it's too late. However, his sense of justice constantly motivates him even in the darkest hours.
Jennifer Gordon's beautiful sidekick. Jennifer is a rather attractive woman, and she often jokes around in a very flirtatious manner. Her intelligence and technical knowledge surpasses most scientists, having created a fully functioning robot at the age of five and earned her Ph. D at the age of ten.
Thursday an "All Purpose Robot" created by Jennifer. He is very focused on bringing about justice, even to the point of breaking down. He also seems to be very calm when dealing with various obstacles and can be very sarcastic at times. Thursday usually begins or ends his sentences with 'blip beep'.
Vyers (Mid-Boss) a flamboyant demon very interested in Laharl. He calls himself the Dark Adonis, though Laharl deems him unworthy of the title, and compares him to a mid boss for the rest of the game, much to Vyers' dissatisfaction. Speaking in a cultured tone seasoned with French, Vyers is very conceited and confident in his own abilities. He sees Laharl as a rival, though Laharl doesn't return the sentiment.
Kurtis a man from Earth, who views himself as more worthy of the title of Defender of Earth than Gordon. After a traumatic experience that cost him over 70% of his body in addition to his wife and daughter, he becomes a cyborg. He later changes his mind about Gordon, and sacrifices himself to save him. He returns as a green Prinny with cybernetic parts in heaven, and continues to protect Earth in that form.
Seraph Lamington the leader of Celestia. He is very mature and calm, and he never raises his voice or harbors any vindictive thoughts or emotions. He willingly performs evil and underhanded actions, and he is willing to allow fate to punish him.
Vulcanus a full-fledged angel of Celestia, and he is an archangel, who serves Seraph Lamington as the second-in-command. His ideals and methods are much more extreme compared to others, and he has a hot temper that differs from other Angels. He holds demons in contempt and believes that humans are too stupid to live without the guidance of angels.
Big Sis a pink Prinny, who acts as a mother-figure to others. She does not speak like other Prinnies, notably leaving out the word "dood."
Hoggmeiser the former vassal of Krichevskoy. Upon Krichevskoy's death, Hoggmeiser steals huge amounts of treasure from the Overlord's castle, and builds his own mansion with that fortune. He has a son named Porkmeister.
Maderas a vassal of Krichevskoy, who is exiled after stealing Krichevskoy's black pretzels. Maderas is one of the many demons competing for the throne. He uses memories stolen from Etna to force her to work for him.
Baal a legendary overlord sealed by King Krichevskoy a number of years before the start of the storyline. Known as the Lord of Terror, he is a large demon that uses large swords to attack. After being defeated, he is reincarnated as an "Uber Prinny", which only growls and causes explosions with every attack.

The Plot

The story of the game takes place in Hell. There is the main character, Laharl, who has been sleeping for over 2 years. The scene starts with his vassle, Etna, trying to wake him up with a bunch of deadly weapons. Finally, he wakes up and learns about the news of that his father has died. Laharl speaks with his vassles, and decides to go to Vyers' castle. After defeating said demon, an angel comes to assassinate Laharl's father, not knowing hes already dead. The angel, Flonne, is suprised at how uncaring Laharl is about his father's death, and thus decides to stick around to figure out if demons can actually can feel love or not. Unknowingly to them, Archangel Vulcanus figures out about this and starts to believe that Flonne is teaming up and is planning on taking over Celestia. Etna complains to Laharl that the Prinnies, the lowest of the low in terms of vassles, arent being paid enough for their duties. So, Laharl plans to attack the most richest person in the netherworld, Hoggmeiser. After defeating him, Laharl planned on killing him before being interrupted by Hoggmeiser's son. Fortunatly, Flonne persuades Laharl to spare them. Later, an embarassing picture was found of Laharl with a letter explaining how it will be used to blackmal Laharl into coming to a challenge for overlordship. The blackmailer turns out to be Maderas, a vampire who the King casted out because Maderas stole his favorite snack, black pretzels. Maderas took advantage of exposing Laharl's weaknesses but also was controlling Enta by stealing her memories and promising her to give them back once the prince was dead. She had tried poisoning him, but instead it just put him to sleep for two years. Laharl and his friends then defeat him. Later that night, Flonne wake sup to the sound of singing Prinnies who were leaving the castle. Laharl chases after them, but is stopped by Big Sis Prinny. The player finds out that this Prinny is actually Laharl's mother who died and became a prinny when she sacraficed herself to save her son. Laharl talks to death and Big Sis who persuade him to let the prinnies go. Later, Laharl hears of something happening nearby. He goes there and finds out its s group of humans. Captain Gordon, the defender of Earth, Jennifer, his ally, and Thursday, their robot. They were sent there to assassinate Laharl under the belief that he was planning on destroying Earth. Laharl makes a deal with Gordon to not destroy earth if Gordon defeats him, but only if Gordon becomes one of his vassle. But when the Earth Defence Force comes it is revealed that Gordon's mission was actually to secure a path for the netherworld to be invaded by the humans, who were tricked by Vulcanus. General Carter, the general of Earth, sends Kurtis, another defender of Earth, to the netherworld. And leter the General goes there himself inside of a spaceship called the Space Battleship Gargantua.Kurtis abducts Jennifer and takes him back to the spaceship, which Laharl responds with by defeating everyone on the spaceship. Once he gets to the bridge of the Gargantua the General escapes and Vyers appears to give the General a message. Flonne and the rest of the party then goes to Celestia to confront Seraph Lamington. Vulcanus also goes to the Seraph and states that Flonne is a traiteor who plans to use an army of demons to take over Celestia. He also reveals that his plan is to use his army to take over all three worlds and rule over all three of them as a god. Laharl defeats Vulcanus and they finally meet the Seraph where Flonne explains what she has learned and what Vulcanus' plan is. The Seraph agrees that demons are capable of feeling loved and that her accepts her version of what happened. Although, he also explains how that because she has slain other angels, she must be punished. Flonne gets turned into a flower, which causes Laharl to go into an outrage and attacks the Seraph. At this point the ending of the game can change depending on how youve played the game so far. The possible outcomes invilve, the Seraph may or may not survive, Flonne either remains a flower, is restored to her original form, or is transformed into a Fallen Angel, and Laharl either becomes a great Overlord, disappears and leaves Etna in charge of the Netherworld, or dies and becomes a Prinny. On the good ending, sthe spirit of Laharl's mother speaks to him, and Vyers acts as if he already knows her, and the way he talks to Laharl suggests that he is King Krichevskoy.